Why we do what we do.

This blog isn’t about how much we love the sport or how seeing people achieve their set goals makes us happier than achieving our own goals, you all know how passionate we are about our work and we do love it. This blog is more about the thought and reasoning behind our weekly structure and programming.
I was once told very early in my coaching career to coach with purpose, make sure every session has a purpose towards an end target. It doesn’t matter if it’s to reach a personal best or just to keep healthy each session needs a purpose, recovery, strength, power, aerobic capacity, burn off last nights desert. Adding to this the modern day lifestyle most of us lead can make it difficult to find the balance needed to effectively implement a successful fitness regime, hence this is where coaches come into their element.
For those of you that have known us for a while you would have noticed that our weekly structure hasn’t changed much over the years. We’ve found that this structure seems to fit well with the demands of exercising and day to day life in general. Run groups always have a different session plan, but are set in what’s trying to be achieved ie. Strength, power, speed endurance, speed and no session per week will work the same element as to not over do it on any given component in order to avoid injury. The same goes for swim squads. As most only come to one bike session per week it’s designed to fit in with the current training phase for upcoming races.
As with our weekly sessions, programming works on the same principles. Every session has been thought about in order for you to reach that end gaol, the big picture is always at the forefront of the design of each days training. Every macro, meso and micro cycle has been planned out in order for the athlete to perform at their best taking into account their environment, ability and timeframe. It is a juggling act that most coaches revel in, it’s a challenge to fit everything in that is needed to be done to sustain progress without injury whilst keeping on top of work and family life and it’s a challenge that we’ll gladly take on.
I hope this gives you a little insight into what we do and that it’s not all coffee shops and bike rides (which I do love).
Stay Safe,
Coach Ben