Improve posture, balance and body awareness

SMART Coaching - Pilates

Matwork Pilates

The tailored and small focused matwork Pilate classes concentrate on postural alignment by strengthening your core muscles and increasing flexibility.

The classes aim to challenge your core and flexibility while ensuring you perform the exercises safely and effectively using a mixture of small props such as bands, fitballs, toning rings and small weights.

Multiple classes per week available. Please enquire.

Equipment Pilates

SMART Coaching - PilatesThe personalised equipment Pilate classes use resistance training equipment including reformer machines and other training props that allow you to maintain and improve your physical fitness and muscle balance.

The sessions are designed as private or semi private sessions. This allows you to focus on your personal goals with an individually designed Pilates program to achieve the best possible results.

Bookings are essential for all Equipment Classes.

Strength and Conditioning

These classes are a great overall workout for fitness and endurance. They encompass all of the Matwork Pilates principles of sound body awareness and core control. They focus on building muscle strength using your own body weight and lifting weights.

Multiple classes per week available. Please enquire.

Personal Training

One-to-one fitness sessions can be tailored to suit your specific needs creating more accountability, motivation and focus in your training.

The sessions can be focused in any of the SMART Coaching areas of fitness including but not limited to Pilates, running, swimming in both pool and open water, riding, triathlon, or strength and conditioning.

The personal training sessions can also be modified to incorporate small group sessions with up to three people.

Matwork Pilates Classes

Small group sizes55 min$20

Equipment Pilates Classes

Private Sessions55 min$95
Semi Private Sessions * – 2 people55 min$65
Semi Private Sessions * – 3 people55 min$45

* All Pilates pricing based on term block fees and classes subject to availability.

Credit Cards Accepted. HICAPS available where applicable.

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