Peta Alexopoulos

Coaching program undertaken: One-on-one coaching

I initially contacted Belinda Johnson for some one-on-one swim coaching as I wanted to complete a swim leg in a sprint triathlon.

We had three months of dedicated training, twice a week which consisted mostly of stroke correction and ocean swimming techniques. By the end of this training block I completed my first ever ocean swim in a team at the Trial Bay sprint triathlon.

After completing my first triathlon race I was curious about the other two disciplines of triathlon; riding and running. I was keen to complete all three. Having never ridden a bike and with limited running experience, we had a bit of work to do. Belinda guided me through the purchase of my road bike, cleats and a timing watch and I opted for further one-on-one training with Belinda in conjunction with a few group sessions.

My goal was to not only learn how to ride and run but to become competitive and complete the same sprint triathlon in full by the following year. I completed the race (and several others along the way) with Belinda supporting and encouraging me all the way.

I now attend group sessions with the other SMART triathletes including the KICKR and Pilates classes, brick sessions, ocean swimming and of course the swim squad where it all began for me. I still continue with my weekly personal coaching sessions which I rotate across the three disciplines.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Belinda. Her amazing wealth of knowledge of all three disciplines of triathlon coupled with her professional and selfless attitude toward her athletes is one in a million.

My husband and children have since also enjoyed working with both Belinda and Ben Johnson in group sessions, one-on-one sessions and the SMART kid’s triathlon clinics run in the school holidays.