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SMART Coaching - Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage / Sports Massage

If you are a social or competitive athlete, you stand to benefit significantly from the effects of Remedial Massage.

This form of massage incorporates several techniques that assist in healing, relieving pain and sore muscles, preventing and managing injury as well as improving sports performance.

By having regular massages both during training periods as well as in the off-season, you can reduce fatigue and the delayed onset of muscle soreness and injury. Massage can also help restore muscle length and shape, realign fibres and to increase flexibility where needed. By feeling physically better, you can increase your confidence levels in your performance.

Dry Needling and Myofascial Release

The goal of Dry needling is to reduce muscle pain and dysfunction. It involves the introduction of fine, filiform needles into an area of the muscle known as trigger points. Dry needling alleviates the symptoms of these trigger points which in turn leads to the reduction of muscle pain.

This form of treatment is best used within a management plan combined with remedial massage.


Remedial Massage 45 min
60 min
Dry Needling Varying prices depending on treatment

Remedial Massage combined with Dry Needling also available.

Credit Cards Accepted. HICAPS available where applicable.

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