Laura Cook

Coaching program undertaken: TBA

As a professional triathlete and full-time university student, Ben and Belinda Johnson from SMART Coaching have helped me achieve all the goals I have set for myself in the last two years.

The group training environment that Ben and Belinda have created is second to none. The amount of support and encouragement available not only from them but from everyone who is a part of the SMART Coaching team is exceptional. I believe this is one of the reasons that each and every one of the SMART Coaching athletes has improved incredibly in the last two to three years.

Each program is tailored specifically to the individual and a wide range of sessions are available weekly. These include Pilates, swim squads, indoor bike trainer sessions, run groups and weekend training camps.

One of the best things about Ben and Belinda is that they are very invested in every one of their athletes who range from people are new to triathlon, use training as a hobby, like the social aspect of group training or are athletes who want to improve and achieve results at an elite level in swimming, cycling, running or triathlon.

I cannot fault SMART Coaching’s approach to helping me further my triathlon career and I put the results I have achieved, including gaining my professional license down to the hard work, commitment and unwavering support of both Ben and Belinda.