What can SMART Coaching do for you?

We give you the tools and guidance that you need to reach your full potential as an athlete in order for you to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

Should I seek medical advice?

If you have any underlying health issues (ie. Heart condition, kidney condition, diabetes), than medical advice is a priority. Also if you have existing long term injuries see a health professional. We do have a lot of knowledge of the body, but we are not health practitioners.

Do you have diet/nutrition plans?

Our coaches are able to provide you with a guide to healthy eating habits that will support your training and exercise schedule. If you do require comprehensive meal planning then we suggest you engage a dietitian or nutritionist. We can refer you to some contacts that we work closely with in this field if required.

Is strength and conditioning training worth it?

Yes, in short. Strength and conditioning training brings everything together. With the proper program you’ll find that you will be not only stronger, but a more balanced athlete. 1-2 sessions per week is recommended.

If I swim more, will I get faster?

No. Swimming is an extremely technical sport. The only way to have significant improvements in the water is by working on your technique with a coach.

SMART Coaching